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Fundraising for The Parachute Regiment Afghanistan Trust: if you have never raised money before, please do not feel daunted by it, there are numerous ways to fundraise from running, walking and climbing events to something that involves the community, such as an event or function.

There are so many possibilities that it can be confusing, our calendar of events may provide some ideas but if you have a suggestion of your own and you need to discuss it, please contact us.


Gift Aid Form (PDF format)

› Running an Event (PDF format)

Sponsorship Form (PDF format)

› Standing Order Form request (PDF format)

Easy & Free Fundrasing Online (PDF format)



Once you have decided what you want to do, here are some tried and proven techniques to make the most of your fundraising:

Getting Started

  • When starting for the first time, fundraisers target people they know: family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to sponsor their event but they can also be asked to collect on their behalf or even take part.
  • Sponsorship forms are available for download below or a web page can be created through our JustGiving website where sponsors can safely donate using their credit and debit cards, as well as leaving messages of encouragement. Send the link to everyone you know, asking for donations.
  • Under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme, we can reclaim the tax on donations, which means 25% more money at no extra cost to your sponsors! Please ask your sponsors to tick the Gift Aid box and write their full home address (including postcode) on your sponsorship form. Note that donors must be UK taxpayers in order for us to claim Gift Aid.
  • You may wish to arrange you own event or take part in an organised challenge, there are many to choose from: click here for a suggested selection.

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Ask your employer to match you £ for £ on the money you raise. Many companies have policies that support employees undertaking charitable work and are part of the organisation’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives.
  • If you have a company publication, offer to write an article on your challenge and let everyone know that you will also try to get local media coverage. Positive PR is desirable, but free positive PR is downright indecently desirable!
  • Put your sponsors on your sponsorship form – and offer to display their logo on your kit.
  • Target local business for sponsorship as they are more likely to benefit from any press coverage. Write to 20 local companies, explain the challenge you have set yourself and request a donation or a ‘gift in kind’ that you can then auction or raffle. If the event needs special equipment, see if this can be provided as a gift.

Public Relations

  • Approach your local newspaper or radio station for publicity. Be ready to explain the local relevance: are the participants local? Is the event taking place locally? Is there a personal angle to the story? Do you have a close relation or friend in the Parachute Regiment?
  • Do include your contact details or website link, in case readers or listeners wish to sponsor you.
  • We can help you to promote your event on our website. If creating a story for the website, please provide at least 1 digital photograph.

How we can help?

  • In addition to sponsorship forms, you can also download Gift Aid Forms.
  • If you require the Afghanistan Trust logo in a specific format, please contact us.
  • For particular events we can also provide a limited number of T-Shirts.
  • Planning guidelines for running an event. If you or a group are planning event, download the document below.
  • If you have a blog, Twitter account or Facebook page, let people know about your event. This provides advertising for your event and a chance to speak to others. Raise awareness of your event or challenge by posting regular updates.


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