July 16th, 2014



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Pete has always been a keen fundraiser, and has run many a race pulling behind him an array of heavy household appliances! This time is is not a fridge or a washing machine, but an oven…

Click on the above article to read about Pete’s 150 mile endurance run pulling a 250 kilo oven in aid of the Parachute Regiment Afghanistan Trust in support of our Paras!

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The Wigley Group Open 2013 and Gala Dinner – A Night of Champions – RAISE £14.5K

June 18th, 2014

On 11 June 2014 The Wigley Group sponsored a Golf Competition and Gala Dinner in support of The Afghanistan Trust. Each competitor in the golf competition was paired with a sports celebrity for the match. A host of celebrities from the sports arena gave up their time and skills to make the day a success. The celebrities came from a wide range of sports including, Darts, Boxing, Golf, Football, Snooker and Cricket. The weather was very different from last year’s Open, with the sun shining during the entire event. The team representing the Paras were Daz Fuller, Gary Boyle and Scott Bourne. Daz Fuller et al

After the golf came the evening festivities and all in attendance were on arrival in awe of the celebrity guests of the Wigley Group and John McDonald of Sky.  The guests of honour Gordon Banks and George Cohen arrived to great applause, two of England’s greatest football players who were members of the 1966 world cup winning team. These two men did not once say no to any of the individuals who asked to have their photo taken with them. Later in the evening they were available to have professional photos taken with anyone that made a donation to the Trust. All monies raised by this photo shoot went towards the evening’s final total. In excess of 200 people sat down to a 3 course meal. The CEO Afghanistan Trust Colin Smith gave a talk about the Trust’s aims and explained how funds raised are used to support our paratroopers. Jaco Van Gass was the evening’s guest speaker and spoke of his injuries and his journey to where he is now. The audience were captured by Jaco and showed their appreciation with resounding applause.gordon banks etc

After dinner the awards for the top three placed Golf teams were presented. and then fundraising began, with an opportunity to play darts with some of the world’s best players. Many took up this challenge but sadly no one was able to defeat these awesome players. All taking part had great fun. Current World Champion Phil Taylor and Ex World Champion Steve Beaton were among the professional darts players who gave their time and talents during the evening. This was followed by an auction conducted by John McDonald. Many items from the world of sports were auctioned which drew many bids.


The Afghanistan Trust sends it’s thanks to the Wigley Group, and to Rob Wigley, who is a great supporter of The Afghanistan Trust. We also thank Rob’s daughter Katie who was on the go all day and evening and I suspect long before the day began. Katie’s hard work and dedication meant the event flowed without a hitch.   thanks

Special thanks go to John McDonald who organised the event with skill and panache. John worked hard to ensure that the evening’s festivities were a success; he also hosted the evening event.   John is a former Paratrooper and is now a Sky Sports Presenter and often calls on sports celebrities to help raise funds for the Trust. John is an avid supporter of The Afghanistan Trust and we are very grateful for his continuing support and fundraising.mcdonald

Our thanks also go to all the celebrities who cave up their time and talents to make the evening such a great success.

Excellent Opportunity in a Volunteer Role at the Imperial War Museum

June 10th, 2014

A fantastic opportunity has arisen at the IWM in Duxford.  They are seeking a volunteer to assist in the Department for Learning.  If you are interested in the role and want to know more, please contact Niki Hughes –

Role Title: Formal Learning Volunteer

Division: IWM:Duxford

Overall Purpose of the Role

Welcome teachers and their students who have booked workshops and offer to guide the morning groups to their first session. Work with IWM staff and volunteers to enhance workshops. This may include becoming familiar with a particular aspect or artefacts from a session and delivering it to small groups of students accompanied by their teacher.


May 23rd, 2014

at-small-image1 copy 3 In October 2013 Justin Burt (Para) completed 200 miles cycling challenge from Huddersfield to Bath and raised £600 whilst completing this endurance ride.  Once again Justin is taking on another a cycling challenge to raise more funds for The Afghanistan Trust.

Amazingly Justin has decided to do an even more challenging ride, this time from Skipton to Bath, 230 miles in one day. This is an arduous challenge to take on and will take place 13 June 14  and I’m sure he will conquer this challenge as he is a very determined individual and a great supporter of the Afghanistan Trust.

Justin deserves all the support he can get and would be grateful for any support you can give him by visiting his just giving page as shown below       “Good luck Justin but you won’t need it”

                                            Para’s supporting Para’s it doesn’t get any better

P Company do Test Week – in 24hrs!

May 22nd, 2014

PCoy24-web-300x166On the 11th June P Coy staff undertook the challenge to complete all eight events which make up PARA Training Test week in 24 hours!

PARA Training Test Week starts with the 10-miler (PARAS’10) in the morning followed by the Trainasium (aerial confidence course) in the afternoon.

The following day the Log race sees eight individuals carrying a 60kg log over a distance of 1.9 miles of undulating terrain. This is followed by the Steeplechase in the afternoon running against the clock over a 1.8-mile cross-country course. The course features a number of ‘water obstacles’ and, having completed the cross-country element, candidates must negotiate an assault course to complete the test. The march must be completed in 19 minutes.

The next day a Two-mile march must be completed in 18 minutes or under.

The next test is an Endurance march conducted over 20 miles of severe terrain. The march must be completed in under 4½ hours.
The following day teams of 16 men carry a 175lbs stretcher over a distance of five miles. No more than four men carry the stretcher at any given time. In the afternoon ‘Milling’ occurs; 60 seconds of ‘controlled physical aggression’ against an opponent of similar height and weight.

On llth June, P Company Staff showed what they were made of and completed the challenge, completing all 8 Pre Parachute Selection tests in 24 hours and all in aid of The Afghanistan Trust and The Parachute Regiment Charity.PCoy4

All 8 tests were completed with full weight and in the specified times! We would like to Thank the P Coy staff for their efforts and for their continuing support. What an amazing achievement!

If you would like to show your support please visit



The Grayburn Tour – cycling to Arnhem

May 22nd, 2014

Fcyclingarnhemour members of Chiltern Rugby Club with a combined age of 233 years cycled 238 miles from Amersham & Chiltern RFC to Arnhem in 3 days to raise funds for The Parachute Regiment Charity and The Afghanistan Trust. They undertook the challenge in remembrance of a former Clubmate Lieutenant John Hollington Grayburn who seventy years ago, was awarded the Victoria Cross (posthumously) in the defence of the bridge at Arnhem during the closing phases of WWII.

The team was made up of Chris Smith, Mark Yeomans, Clive John and Jonathan Moughton . The final member of the team was Chris McCombie who had the job of driving the support vehicle. They had an epic and exciting journey which has raised over £5000 for the two regimental charities. You can read more about it, the club and about Lt Grayburn here and support the team on their JustGiving page.


May 14th, 2014


Traci Duffy will be completing a solo 4000ft parachute jump in July 14. This will be Traci’s first Parachute jump and deciding to do a solo rather than a tandem jump is very brave.

Traci’s has 15 year old triplets Connor, Lauren and Mirran who also wanted to do a parachute jump with her but because of age restrictions they are unable to do so. Not to be the triplets decided to take part in the 3 Peaks Challenge instead to raise funds for the Trust. This is no small challenge for 15 years olds to take on and they all deserve our support. Traci and the triplets are all members of the Army Cadet Force A Company Farnborough. Please follow Traci and the triplets on their giving page:


May 13th, 2014

Please see the flyer for this year’s Summer Ball.  This year will be the last Summer Ball in aid of The Afghanistan Trust.  Our aim is to make this year’s Ball the best ever, to celebrate all the achievements you have helped us achieve. 2014 flyer

There will be a champagne reception, an array of displays, a 3-course meal, guest speakers and an unmissable auction with money-can’t-buy prizes.

In addition to all of the above, we have secured the attendance of the Parachute Regiments Band and hope to add a few more surprises for your entertainment.

Please come and join our celebration and book early to secure your table (each table of 10 – £1950).

The celebrations start at 6:30pm, and will go on until 1am.

For further information contact Colin Smith ( or call 01206 817074

70th Anniversary commemorations of Operation Market Garden

April 9th, 2014

arnhem70thThe Chairman of the Arnhem Veterans Club (1944), Colonel John Waddy OBE, and the Colonel Commandant of the Parachute Regiment, Lieutenant General Jacko Page CB OBE who represents the present day Airborne Forces invite all those who served in the British 1st Airborne Division during OPERATION MARKET GARDEN to attend the events to mark the 70th anniversary.  All are welcome.

WWII-DDay-ParachuteAssault-01The aim of the events marking the 70th Anniversary is to ensure that a grateful nation’s thanks are passed to those who took part in this action.

It is important that the focus should be on the surviving veterans, as they commemorate their fallen comrades whose sacrifice helped to bring about the liberation of The Netherlands and shorten the war in Europe.  

As this year’s commemoration will be well attended, the organiser’s of various events wish to provide reserved areas for veterans at major events to provide some level of comfort and security.  These arrangements will include veteran marquees at Ginkel Heath and at OosterbeekCemetery to provide refreshments, seats and shelter.  In order to facilitate this, if you are intending to travel to Arnhem this year it would be very helpful if you would let the AVC and RHQ PARA know by registering your intention to travel with us.

Those veterans planning to attend this year’s commemoration are asked to register their names with RHQ PARA by completing this proforma.  The proforma asks you to provide your Name, Rank Number and Unit with 1st Airborne Division, including those who served with the Air Landing Brigade and all Divisional attached troops, and also to provide your AVC membership number if applicable. This is the same form which is used when applying for the travel subsidy, but if applying for the subsidy it should be accompanied by your travel documentation.

The Commemoration takes place over the weekend 19 – 21 Sep 2014 with the following events located in the Arnhem, Renkum, Oosterbeek and Overbertuwe area.  The official programme is yet to be finalised, but is likely to proceed along the traditional lines as below:

19 Sep 14 – Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Bridge followed by the veterans silent March Past and a concert given by the people of Arnhem at the John Frost Bridge.

20 Sep 2014 – Parachuting and Memorial Service at Ginkel Heath in the morning and a Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Polish Memorial at Driel during the afternoon.

21 Sep 2014 – Memorial Service at Oosterbeek in the morning followed by a Concert at ‘The Needle’ Oosterbeek in the afternoon and finally the Air Dispatch Memorial Service.Arnhem2

Please make your own travel and accommodation arrangements.  Many will have travel and accommodation reservations already in place, however if not Tours International who still have some vacancies can be can be contacted at or by phone at 01892 515825.

As a reminder, the following financial assistance is available to veterans wishing to attend this commemoration:

a.  The Airborne Forces Security fund through AVC will reimburse valid travel costs of £250 each for the veteran, his or her partner and his or her carer if one is required.  To get this subsidy please complete this form and forward a copy of your travel documentation as directed on the proforma

b.  Money is additionally available through Heroes Return, a lottery funded charity which supports veterans returning to commemorative events.  You will need to apply separately for the grant as directed at

The focus of the commemorations is on the fallen and the surviving veterans so please register your intention to travel to Arnhem as soon as possible so that RHQ can provide as much support as possible to make this occasion a success.Arnhem-Bridge-After-Battle


March 31st, 2014

Gregor Armstrong aged just 14 completed a 160ft bungee jump on Sunday 30 March 2014. Gregor’s cousin Pte Kyle Adams is a fallen Para, and Kyle is the reason Gregor was inspired to do this amazing challenge. Kyles mother and father travelled from South Wales to see Gregory make this awesome leap to support our Paras.

20140330_135822 (Copy)

A big thank you to The Central Scotland Branch PRA who showed up to display their appreciation to Gregor, and also to their Vice Chairman Frank Cameron who presented him with his “WINGS” (the small Blue Parachute Lapel) which was truly well deserved!

20140330_142304 (Copy)

Gregor had hoped to raise £500 for the Afghanistan Trust, and o date he has raised £691.10. If you would like to support Gregor you can still do so at:
 Before                                                                                                                                                      After

20140330_141655 (Copy)20140330_141856 (Copy)


Gregor – you are a very brave young man! Well done! Thanks to you and all who have supported you.

20140330_142419 (Copy)

Gregor his family, Pte Kyle Adams Parents John & Moira, members of the PRA and some of Gregor’s supporters.

This was truly an Airborne event well done to you all!

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